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ABTO Software now has a new logo.
For quite some time we've felt that it was time for a change. As you see we have opted for the simplicity by adding a modern touch to the mix. New design does preserve the famous blue color of the original one, but without that old-fashioned typeface. All in all, it's a flatter, friendlier design, and we hope you like it. 


Our contest for the best selfie from your summer vacation continues. It could be a shot taken in the midst of adventure, or perhaps a creative pose in front of some landmark. Remember, there's only one rule: you have to be in the picture. You can submit up to three of your best photos. Just send them to and win an action camera! The contest will last till the end of September. Check out a few selfies at our Careers Blog!


For a few months now our company has been hosting ABTO Tech Talks, a series of presentations by our colleagues where they talk about the latest news in science, programming, and engineering. For those of you who have missed some, and for those who joined our team just recently here are some of the topics we've covered recently:
  • Fuzzy String Matching by Andriy Kulyk
  • Virtual Reality: Welcome to Digital Worlds with Meta DevKit Demonstration  by Oleksandr Strukov
  • A/B Testing by Stepan Maksym
Don't miss out on the other cool stuff we've got in store. Come and join us at Tech Talks every other Wednesday in room 512.


Scrum teaches us to inspect and adapt. It's a good idea, therefore, sometimes to plan for periodic Agile coaching check-ups. Our company has recently organized a very useful and interesting 2-day scrum training for scrum masters, technical leads and managers. It was conducted by a certified scrum trainer who managed not only to provide vital information but also to create a friendly and warm atmosphere. Training included individual and group exercises, process-simulation games and discussions on every topic on the agenda. Check out the photos from the workshop on out blog.

What? Where? When? 


This Sunday our team Wittgenstein's Poker will take part in the annual contest of What? Where? When? IT edition. With more than 15 other teams from other Lviv IT companies already registered the competition will be fierce. The IT Cup of the popular game of polymaths is dedicated to Programmers' Day and will be held on September 13, 2015 in the Dnister restaurant. We invite you to come and cheer for our team.


Speaking to the public often is quite an intimidating task. Many people fear public speaking because they think they’re being judged and scrutinized. The good news is that there are many ways to eliminate this fear and project yourself as a confident, authoritative individual with public speaking classes. Even those that don’t have a fear of public speaking can benefit from courses that teach how to speak with impact and purpose.
The public speaking course starts on September 15. Contact Natalia Kavchak skype: kavchak.natalia  to sign up for the class.
Come and celebrate International Programmers' Day with us this Friday!
The Game Cafe, 17.00
That’s it for today, folks. Thanks for reading!

- PR/Marketing Team
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