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Commuting by bike is a simple way to cut down on traffic congestion and help preserve the environment. ABTO provides covered bike parking to secure and shelter your bike from weather while you're in the office. The bike park is fitted with CCTV cameras and ID-card access, although we encourage you to lock your bike and possessions at all times when using the facilities. Our bike parking has space available for 13 bikes, and operates on pre-arranged permit basis. It offers a choice of hanging or standing bike parking. For more details you are welcome to contact our office-manager Olena Petriakova,


ABTO Software marked its 9th birthday with outdoor festivities. This year’s Company Day main theme was History and Explorations. Held at the Dnister Canyon, one of the most picturesque places of our region, it included a number of water-based activities alongside a huge selection of interactive fun games and challenges. Nine teams put their individual and collective skills to the test while rafting on the Dniester. The day concluded with delicious food, drinks, and an opportunity to enjoy a great company in the open air amidst the fantastic nature. All the photos are at \\SERVER1\photo\, as usual.


We never stop to invest in development of our employees, including the future ones. This summer, after a thorough selection, 6 out of 160 applicants were accepted into a Data Analysis internship program. During the program all the students are provided with real-world learning experience, so that each intern truly understands the professional routines. Coordinated by a data analysis expert from the USA, internship provides a chance to visit training sessions and simultaneously work on data analysis projects - individually and in cooperation with our teams. The real benefit of participating in the program is a prospect of future employment at one of the US projects.


Lviv IT Football League 2016 started on the 8th of June. This amateur mini-football tournament is for those who work in the IT industry. All games are professionally organized and aim at making life more interesting and promoting healthy lifestyle among IT professionals. This year, a record number of 18 teams will participate in fierce (but friendly!) football contest.
ABTO Software team is demonstrating their outstanding ball-handling skills in the competition in group B. And we are always here to show support for our favorite ABTO team through their highs and lows.


Sandra Kurtzig, "the first lady of computers" and a legendary figure of the tech world, shared her thoughts and experience with our colleagues at the last TechTalk. "The most important thing is for people to figure out what they want to do with their life, particularly their career and their family, and plan accordingly," Sandra mentioned during one of the previous interviews, and she still seems to be following her own advice, having recently founded another company. We'd like to thank Sandra – for giving a great talk, both practical and inspirational, and all of you – for active participation in the event. Stay tuned and don't miss our future TechTalks – we'll surely find more interesting guests.


There is one last but really big and heartwarming piece of news we'd like to share. We are absolutely overjoyed by the ongoing baby boom at ABTO: four of our colleagues welcomed beautiful babies into their families – two boys and two girls! Congratulations to the proud parents Kostiantyn Seredynskyi and Yuriy Oliynyk on birth of their sons, and to Vitaliy Khomenko and Yuriy Stetsyuk on the arrival of their daughters!
We all are happy for you and your families. Enjoy parenting!


We welcome new people to the team!

Georgiy Isopenko,
QA Engineer

Volodymyr Demeter,
PHP developer

That’s it for today, folks. Thanks for reading!

- Marketing Team
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