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We are currently seeking a QA Manager to join our team.

Project overview:

Our customer is a large, public, cyber charter school in the USA. As part of a broad initiative to enhance learning and training opportunities for employees, the school has teamed up with top specialists to create the Academy. This innovative learning environment offers course-takers convenient access to diverse training materials anytime, anywhere. The goal is to empower professionals to boost their skills, enhance career prospects, and gain optional expertise. The Academy aims to be a comprehensive one-stop system, facilitating role-specific courses and fostering continuous development for employees. If you’re passionate about shaping the future of learning and professional growth, this opportunity is for you!

The technology stack of the project:

.Net 6+, EntityFramework, MsSQL Server, Redis, Azure AD, React 18, Tailwind, Storybook, Vite, Typescript – SOLID, OOP and OOD.

Advantages of the position:

Personal and professional growth, experience in the education domain, management of 5 teams across the project.






Our benefits: