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Senior Data QA Engineer

  • Lviv, UA
  • Full Time, Remote
  • 28.8.2023

About Project:

A network of clinics ​​focuses on more of what matters most. As a patient-centric, physician-led network, we partner with premium fertility clinics across the U.S., helping physicians navigate the growth of their practices while providing the resources and support needed to enhance patient outcomes and experiences.

The technology stack of the project:

Azure, Looker, AWS, Redshift(DWH), MySQL, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, S3 

Team on our side:

1 Full Stack, Data Architect, Senior Data Engineer, PM, Delivery Manager, DevOps, Senior BA

Team on the customer’s side:

CFO, C-Level


  • Profound understanding of Data Warehousing concepts, ETL processes, data modelling, and data integration strategies;
  • Expertise in SQL for querying and validating data in the DWH and source systems;
  • Familiarity with relevant tools like AWS Redshift, MySQL, Looker, and similar BI platforms;
  • In-depth knowledge of data quality assessment, data validation, data reconciliation, and data lineage within a Data Warehouse environment;
  • Experience in finance;
  • Proven experience in designing and executing end-to-end testing strategies for data pipelines, transformations, and reporting layers;
  • Ability to identify data-related issues, troubleshoot data anomalies, and collaborate with data engineers for resolutions;
  • Clear communication to discuss data quality issues with data engineering, business analysts, and stakeholders;
  • Documentation skills for creating detailed test plans, validation scripts, and data quality reports;
  • 3+ years of experience in testing DWH, ETL processes, and data pipelines.


  • Develop comprehensive data validation test cases to verify the accuracy and completeness of data transformations, mappings, and aggregations;
  • Execute ETL testing by validating source-to-target data mappings, data transformations, and ensuring proper data lineage;
  • Perform regular regression tests to ensure data accuracy and consistency after changes in ETL processes or source data;
  • Implement data quality checks to identify data anomalies, inconsistencies, and missing values within the Data Warehouse;
  • Conduct performance testing to ensure data processing efficiency and optimize query performance in the DWH;
  • Work closely with data engineers, business analysts, and BI developers to understand data requirements and address data quality issues;
  • Identify and document data-related defects, communicate them effectively, and collaborate with the development team for resolutions.

Nice to Have:

  • Proficiency in SQL scripting for creating automated data validation scripts;
  • Familiarity with data testing automation tools or frameworks;
  • Ability to analyze complex data scenarios, identify trends, and provide insights based on data examination;
  • Experience using BI tools like Looker, Tableau, or Power BI to validate data visualizations and reports;
  • Previous experience working in Agile environments, aligning data testing activities with sprint cycles;
  • Relevant certifications in data quality, data warehousing, or related fields.

Our benefits for the full-time position:

  • Professional and career growth promotion;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Paid vacations and sick leaves;
  • Medical insurance;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Regular corporate social activities;
  • Regular technical training at our office;
  • English courses;
  • Gym, etc.




Senior Data QA Engineer

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