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Senior MLOps Engineer

  • Lviv, UA
  • Part Time, Freelance
  • 26.3.2024

Project Overview:

A leading medical institute in California manages a specialized cancer care clinic. Patient data stored in an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system undergoes a crucial transformation process before being ingested into an AWS Data Lake. We seek a skilled Senior MLOps Engineer to optimize and maintain our data pipeline and manage language models.


1 Deliver Manager, 2 ML Engineers.


  • Proficiency in AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure automation;
  • Strong programming skills, particularly in languages like Python;
  • Familiarity with medical data processing tools;
  • Experience with AWS services, especially AWS Comprehend Medical.
  • Experience with one or more MLOps tools like: Kubeflow, Clearml, MLflow, AWS Sagemaker.
  • Experience with one or more model serving solutions like: AWS Sagemaker Endpoints, Nvidia Triton, Pytorch Serving


  • Develop AWS CloudFormation templates for configuring AWS services like MetaMap and AWS Comprehend Medical;
  • Design data pipelines for ingestion, preprocessing, and distribution between MetaMap, AWS Comprehend Medical, and AWS Data Lake;
  • Automate result comparison and integration back into the AWS Data Lake;
  • Create and manage custom AWS models for enhanced medical data analysis within CloudFormation.






Senior MLOps Engineer

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